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This is the beginning of what we hope will become a valuable resource for all those who take on the ministry and duties of churchwarden in the Diocese of Newcastle.

churchwarden wandIt’s currently in the very early stages of development but before long we hope to be ready to invite all churchwardens in the diocese to subscribe to the blog, so that each time a new item is added you’ll get an automatic e-mail to alert you to it.

You will also be able to use it to post your own comments, questions and answers to benefit the whole community of churchwardens in the Diocese of Newcastle.

Watch this space…

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Newcastle Churchwardens’ Blog

  1. While I’m about to retire from the warden role, I very much welcome the blog. I have learned so much from the Archdeacons and of course from other wardens. Those of you not at Percy Main on Saturday missed a great morning!


  2. As a recently appointed church warden ( second time around) I was pleased to come across this blog – such a good idea… is it still in development?


    • Hello Shirley
      I too was keen when I first started three years ago but it didn’t seem to take off. Happy to join in if it does.


  3. I have not been a warden for almost three years now, and the blog has clearly not been used much. Being a churchwarden is a unique and potentially important leadership role, and in a world that is changing rapidly I believe there is much that wardens can learn from each other, both at events like the annual training session and informally through a blog. However if the blog is to be of any value it needs someone to moderate and drive it – either a warden or (perhaps) a new Archdeacon! And the same function could be fulfilled by a closed Facebook group, which could be a national group – there’s nothing particularly unique about the role in our diocese – we cover everything from inner city to rural multi-congregation benefices.
    I can’t help feeling that the blog might as well have its plug pulled. Our national church is leading the way in ensuring scarce resources are put to work where they are going to be most productive.
    Incidentally I suspect that the apparently draconian diocese GDPR policies have not yet penetrated this circulation list. Not that, as far as I know, there are many of us on the circulation list!


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